While I had my Tartine cookbook off the shelf for meringue, I carefully read the 5 page recipe for the "ideal breakfast pastry" also known as Crossaints.

Tartine prides itself on staying true to making them in the traditional fashion "marrying a well-fermented, slightly sweet dough and the lamination process with a day's forethought." No joke, sister. I can count 13.5 hours of just waiting for things to rise, rest, chill, relax, develop flavor, etc. Not counting any of the actual labor in between. How freakin' awesome?! I'm think MLK day might be dedicated to the French instead.

PS -  I just read this brave soul's blog post about her attempt at this same recipe.  I like her style of self-critical baking.  Plus I think I can totally learn a few tips from all the responses/suggestions people wrote in response to her post!