Rice Crispy Treats for Grown Ups

These Rice Crispy Treats are not just for kids.  That's f'cause they are made with browned butter and coarse sea salt.  They transform this childhood classic (and oddly-easy-to-make treat) into a "just the thing" kind of snack that can satisfy the conflicting  salty/sweet craving.  Part crunchy, part chewy.  Best o' both worlds.  They are also really fun to eat and pull apart. Okay, so maybe you have to be PART KID too.

Oh, I also owed Cole some chocolate chip cookies.   I used to make them all the time and lately I've been changing it up so much that I've been forgetting about that one true thing.   Notice the humungo chocolate chips?  Those are Guittard Real Milk Chocolate MAXI chips.  Yum.

Oh, I added some toffee bits too.   Just can't help myself.