Cole + Kiera's Wedding Shower

Finally, I am posting this blog about the most amazing wedding shower that my parents threw for Cole and I back in New York.  My parents’ great friends, Pat & Eddie, graciously offered to open up their lovely home in Garden City and hosted our wedding shower!   The party was INCREDIBLE -- in their picture perfect backyard with beautiful decorations (including a big white tent in case of rain -- which we luckily were spared from!), delicious food (catered!) and OUT OF THIS WORLD cake and desserts (made by my very talented  mom, pictured below with one of my bridesmaids Whitney!).

Not to mention...we were surrounded by so many of our great, fun-lovin' friends and family.  The whole thing came together so perfectly -- and I know it was no small feat.

My sister designed adorable shower invitations and the prettiest cookbook I've ever seen with recipes sent in from all our friends and family.  It was one of the million things she "checked off her list" right before the baby was born like the super organized rockstar she is.   PS - There is nothing cool than a super organized rockstar.  Except a super organized pregnant rockstar.


recipe book

My dad is amazing -- he made about 50 trips to and from Pat & Eddies house to setup the party and take it all down.  He makes so much HAPPEN and you would never know it because he is so humble .  The man is a super hero. In a fedora.  And pink gingham polo.


Pat and Eddie even surprised us with live music!

live music

Gillian ordered us these adorable little cocktail napkins.  (Photo courtesy of Priscilla!)


Cole's parents made the big trip across the country just to be there for the shower so it was extra special to have them in the mix.

vicki & jim

It was truly beyond anything I could have ever asked for or imagined -- and just an unforgettable, happy, happy day for us.  We had the best time and feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends & family to help us celebrate this wonderful & exciting time — in STYLE no less!  I can't thank everyone enough for putting on this incredible event and for celebrating this very exciting time with us!  We love you!!

And without further adieu, I give you...Pat and Eddie's Backyard!


And here's Pat & Eddie!


Oh, and Cole’s dad, Jim, was nice enough to take photos at the shower for us!   Cole's sister Vale put together a beautiful photo slideshow for us.  You can watch that by clicking here or the photo below, especially if you want to see more PEOPLE pictures.  :)

Cole also shot some photos of desserts and party decor for me, knowing I would want to blog this.  So here's the bleacher report on our "C+K" wedding shower desserts...cookies, cupcakes and cake made from scratch and decorated with love by my mom.

The cupcake/bakery display shelf built by my dad (and used a few times, here, and here) was decorated with a new custom awning for our shower.  I was absolutely smitten with it when my mom revealed it to me.  The little pastry bag and the rope fabric she used to spell out "sweet beginnings" was absolutely a stroke of genius.  The coral fabrics she picked out were so sweet, too.



And can we discuss the CAKE?  The epic, epic, EPIC cake!  The little patisserie of my dreams.  My mom completely surprised me with this.  I am still blown away by all the detail.  I saved the little window with the cakes because it's such inspiration for me and, of course, created by my very own cake hero.


Little secret... there used to be two other figures standing next to Georgia on this cake... but they didn't make it after a little "fondant casualty" on the trip over. No big deal, cake still rocked!!


(The "C+K" fondant sign on the patisserie awning, by the way, was inspired our "Save the Date designed by Cole.)

save the date by cole stipovich

My mom knows I have a weakness for adorable little apothecary jars filled with gummy candy.


My mom decorated all of these beautiful wedding cake and dress cookies -- they all were a little unique and almost too pretty too eat.  ALMOST.  But we still ate them.


She also made cookies that looked like little cupcakes and kitchen aid mixers (I KNOW, right?!).

Picnik collage

How perfect are these little individual Patisserie cupcake boxes from Meri Meri?


They match the cake so well!  My sister added the little hand stamped wedding cake scallop tags with coral bow twist ties.  She's so crafty!  Everyone got to take home a cupcake as a party favor.


But why stop there?  No, no, no.  My mom also made a whole assortment of cupcakes for the party.  Lemon Chiffon, Oreo, Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes... all topped with a hint of what their flavor was and wrapped with these pretty little laser cut ivory cupcake wrappers.



The other shelves held cake stands with mini meringue cookies and little chocolate treats.


And my favorite cookies that my mom makes... peanut butter cookies!


My mom put together floral centerpieces that looked like little cupcakes.  She put the flowerpot on top of eyelet cake stands that were later raffled off!

cupcake flower centerpieces


I made some chocolate chip cookies and a set of baseball / San Francisco Giants decorated sugar cookies as a little surprise for Cole.


giants cookies

This whole wedding stuff makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes -- the extremely generous, beautiful gifts everyone sent us... that were being delivered so often that I was starting to become good friends with the UPS guy.... At the party, I had a moment where I felt like -- wow, this is like a wedding!  It just makes me think, what did we do to deserve all this??  And every time I say that out loud, a married lady friend tells me to just enjoy it and that it's the only time in your life you get showered with presents, parties, and attention (aside from..maybe a little bit of that when your pregnant/have a baby).   So, yes, I am letting myself "just enjoy it"...but I'm still continually surprised, overwhelmed, and oh-so-grateful!