April's 1st Birthday

Here's the thing. April (my niece who lives in Boston) just turned two (on April 15th). So, why is this post about her 1st Birthday? Well, some of my favorite things to blog sometimes, unfortunately, just get put aside. Perhaps it's because I want to do an extra good job with the post/photos that other things that are easier for me to blog get to "cut the line". Eventually, I feel like it's too late to blog it and I feel blog guilt about it. This time, however, I had a fun idea that I could finally blog April's 1st Brithday ("The Lost Footage" if you will) just in time for Cinco de Mayo. The party theme was bright colored flowers with some Mexican / Cinco de Mayo inspiration. IMG_P5795

IMG_P5784 IMG_P5645













April LOVED her 1st birthday party. She really enjoyed it. Her face lit up when she realized everyone was watching her open presents and that all those presents were for her. She baby-signed "thank you" to everyone. It was adorable. Of course, there was this equally adorable meltdown that lasted a few seconds. My personal favorite. It's how you know it's been a successfully overwhelming day for the little one.


It faded quickly as soon as "Happy Birthday to You" started and of course some yummy new foods to try. First Sweet Kiera cookies and Nettie cake, ever!



April threw up her "uno" several times, at key moments, proud to show off knowing how many years old she is. Wow, time flies... I mean in just a couple weeks I'll be posting her 2nd birthday! Let's hope. ;)


My sister designed/created the birthday invitations, paper flower decorations, paper banner, table runner, and felt flower headband for April. My mom made the colorful flower cake and cupcakes. (And transported it from New York to Boston!) Brendan made the amazing Mexican food -- mmm, carnitas. I made the flower cookies. With lots and lots of different icing colors! Cole photographed the party, beautifully! A solid team effort!