Sweet Kiera Brand

I'm quite lucky to have a husband that is a photographer and graphic designer.  Cole helped me create a brand new look for "Sweet Kiera" -- including a new logo set, color scheme, "signature" type faces, and other design elements that I'm carrying into product packaging and other media. Here's a little design board highlighting some of the main features of my new brand identity.  (Full disclosure, I got inspiration to lay the "brand preview" out like this from another designer I admire, Eva Black Design.)


I have been day dreaming and sketching what I want my "real logo" to look like for quite some time now.  It's hard, though, to put those visions and ideas into a logo that meets my expectations or encompasses everything I want it to.

I recently just "pinned" some of my [previously] private "pins" on Pinterest (sorry, I'm sometimes secretive) that I had as some visual inspiration for the new Sweet Kiera brand identity.  It's kind of like a "mood/style board" -- and I'll keep adding to it.  You can view it here, if you're interested, by clicking on the picture below:

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 4.21.34 PM

Cole is not only talented and knowledgeable about design "rules" (unlike me who just goes on what I think is pretty) and software (which is sooo tedious!), but he is also incredibly patient and an excellent listener.  I know I was probably his "client from..." (...not heaven) in some ways because I knew exactly what I wanted... I just couldn't put my finger on it.   I was kind of like one of those crazy brides who tries on too many dresses and can no longer make a rational decision.  Cole had the magic to help me say "YES to the Logo!" and I couldn't be more happy with how the overall Brand is looking.  I'm so proud of how it all looks and all the ways I have been able to incorporate the look in my product packaging.  I'll share that on the blog another day.

In the meantime, I continue to have grandiose dreams of a studio / office / storefront I hope to "one day" have... If only I knew a good architect....

** Oh, and one more Pinterest board I started is "My Cookies @ Real Parties!" which I had a lot of fun putting together. All happy celebrations, what's not to love!  If you happen to have ordered cookies and want to share photos from the event, you can always email them to me!  It's never too late.  :)

My Cookies @ Real Parties