Pretend Party Post: Cocktails, Confetti & Balloons!

Put the kids to bed.  Get a sitter.  Can't book me, 'cause I'm gonna be busy ...Partyin'.  We're gonna have a Little party for the Big kids on this Pretend Party Post Friday.  Put on an a colorful cocktail dress ensemble.  Don't be afraid to try something really crazy with your heel and tights color combo, ladies.  Because tonight we're gettin' all pop-tastic and bubbly.  Think Katy Perry-ish, but lets lean more towards Kate Spade, when in doubt. Picnik collage

Remember when I sent you these adorable balloon invitations designed by Paper Talk Press?   No?  Well, to refresh your memory, this is what I might have sent you, kind of.  Except, imagine it's not a wedding save the date and was just for a cocktail party.  Remember when you got the invites in the mail and were like oh wow, this is so much cooler than an Evite.   This party is gonna bring it.  Then you thought to yourself about what you would wear and you remembered CLEARLY balloons and cute cocktail dresses go hand in hand.  Time to go shopping.


Did you know I don't make real food so well?  My husband cooks.  If you come to a party at my house, I'll most likely be serving you up cocktails and cake...or candy... or cupcakes....mainly, sugar.  That's my point. Sah-ree.  So, here's what's on the menu, theoretically.  Heart balloon cupcakes from Hello Naomi.  Balloon cake from The Cake That Ate Paris. Cotton Candy a la Martha Stewart.


If you didn't already get the hint from the MAILED invitation, I'm going all out here.  We're going to be celebrating in one of my more formal rooms.  Simply because I love the juxtaposition of scattered balloons against our English Regency style dining room.  We'll even pull out our fine china (via Sunday Suppers).   We're so ironical.  Now let's move into the sitting room and hold pink balloons and be effortlessly gorgeous.

To decorate the place some more, we'll hang up this rainbow confetti garland from Kristina Marie, Etsy. For another kind of (slightly easier) cupcake, we could cover frosted cupcakes in rainbow non-pareils and add some balloon cupcake toppers, like they did at this Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Party over at Hostess {with the mostess}. The less time we spend on the cupcakes, the more time we have to toss confetti in the air and be pretty.   That was exhausting.  Let's take some cake batter shots with sprinkle rimmed glasses.


The best part is we didn't spend any money, we won't gain any weight or have a cake-flavored vodka hangover tomorrow.  Sweet!  Thanks for pretend partying with me!  :)