Question: What is the minimum order quantity?

Answer: One dozen cookies.  


Question: What is the maximum order quantity?

Answer: Sweet Kiera's online store automatically limits orders to 150 items (total) per checkout. Email info@sweetkiera.com if you would like to request an estimate or invoice for an order of 150+ items.


Question: When should I place my order?

Answer:  A minimum 2 week lead time is required for all orders. For large orders (75+ cookies), please allow for at least 4 weeks lead time.  That said, I certainly will make exceptions if my schedule allows.  Email info@sweetkiera.com if you would like to request a rush order.


Question: Do you make custom cookies?

Answer:  I love doing custom work and would be thrilled to create something completely new and unique for your special occasion.  Please head over to my custom orders page and fill out the form to request a quote and sketch.


Question: Can you make cookies with digital photos, graphics or corporate logos on them?

Answer: Absolutely!  Email info@sweetkiera.com a high res jpeg of your image when requesting a quote for a corporate or custom order.  Images are printed using food-safe edible ink on sheets of frosting.  




Question: What ingredients are in your cookies? 

Answer: Sweet Kiera Cookies contain Unbleached all-purpose flour, unsalted butter, sugar, eggs, baking powder, pure vanilla extract, iodized salt.  

Sweet Kiera’s icing contains sugar, corn starch, pasteurized dried egg whites, cream of tartar, light agave nectar, pure vanilla extract, and pure almond extract. 


Question: Will the cookies stay fresh?

Answer: The cookies stay very fresh as I bake and decorate them fresh to order. I seem to get just as many compliments on taste as I do on looks.

Prior to shipping, I heat-seal all cookies individually in poly (plastic) bags to help ensure freshness at no additional charge.  Cookies with custom favor tags will be heat sealed in cellophane bags instead, which are glossier and better for presentation.



Question: How long will the cookies stay fresh?  Can I freeze them?

Answer: Cookies will stay fresh in heat-sealed packaging for up to 4-5 weeks in a cool/dry place (do not refrigerate) or frozen for up to 4-6 months (thaw to room temperature in sealed packaging before opening).

If you do chose to freeze them with favor tags still attached, put them inside a sealed ziplock freezer bag.  When it's time to take them out of the freezer, let the cookies come to room temperature for 4-6 hours before you take them out of the ziplock bag or heat-sealed packaging. That way the icing decorations and card stock paper won't be affected by moisture and condensation.



Question:  How does pricing work?

Answer:  Pricing of each cookie depends on size of cookie, number of icing colors, and complexity of design. 


Question: I really want to order your cookies, but they are out of my budget! Can you offer me a better price?

Answer:  I can certainly sympathize with the difficult task of staying under budget. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to negotiate individual cookie prices because of the cost of ingredients and the labor intensive nature of the baking, decorating and design processes. I do, however, appreciate your sincere interest and admiration of my cookies. There might be some ways I can adjust the design to lower the price. Email me at info@sweetkiera.com to "help me help you" and let me know what your budget is, and I'll do my best to offer some options to better suit your needs.



Question: How do you ship your cookies?  

Answer: Orders are typically shipped via USPS Priority Flat-Rate (2-3 day shipping). Tracking info will be emailed to the contact email address provided at the time the item is shipped. USPS policies state that this is not a guaranteed delivery service.* I plan a shipping schedule whereby cookies will arrive on or 1-2 days before the date you indicate you need the cookies by ("required delivery date").

*If you require a guaranteed delivery service (such as USPS Express Mail Or FexEx 2-day), please email info@sweetkiera.com before you place your order with your specific shipping request and I will create a custom invoice for you to incorporate the additional shipping charges.  


Question: How are cookies packaged for shipment?  What if they break?

Answer: My cookies are meticulously packed.  I package each order very carefully (lots of bubble wrap, tissue paper, paper shred, packaging tape, “FRAGILE” labels, and prayers).  However, there is always the possibility of breakage.  I try to include an extra cookie or two in each order as an insurance policy of sorts, but you should consider including a few additional cookies to your order as well, just in case.  They won't go to waste.    



Question:  Do you deliver cookies or can I pick them up?

Answer: If you are located in Concord, MA or the surrounding area, I'd be more than happy to work out a convenient pick-up date and time at no additional cost.  Additionally, I can deliver to Concord, Acton, Bedford, Carlisle, Lexington, Lincoln, Maynard and other surrounding communities in the Boston area at a $5 to $15 fee depending on your location.  Email me at info@sweetkiera.com to request a local pick-up or delivery before placing your order.



Question: If cookies are being served at the event as a dessert, how many should I order?

Answer: Beyond cookie favors, I love it when clients want to put out a platter of assorted decorated cookies to serve with coffee or cake. This is a fun way to display a variety of decorated cookies that look really cute all together. You don't need to order 2-3 servings per person (catering standard) as long as the cookies are an accompaniment to another dessert. 



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