Tiny Prints Feature!

Happy Friday, everyone! 

It's been a very exciting week for me -- I officially launched my new online shop this past Monday!  I've received such wonderful words of encouragement and positive feedback (and some questions too!) from friends, family, and beyond.  I'm so excited for the word about the shop to keep spreading and look forward to making this new shopping experience as fun and user-friendly as possible.  As I mentioned in my "tour the shop" blog post, if you get stuck and need assistance placing an order, don't be discouraged -- just shoot me an email and I'd be happy to help you out!

A pretty sweet bookend to this week is my feature on the Tiny Prints Blog -- which was posted today!   My guest post shares several of my cookie designs inspired by Tiny Prints baby shower invitations.  Check it out!

Tiny Prints Baby Shower Invitation + Sweet Kiera Cookies
Tiny Prints Baby Shower Invitation + Sweet Kiera Cookies

Shop the Sweet Kiera + Tiny Prints cookie collection here.