Forget Flowers. Give a Bouquet of Valentine's Day Cake Pops!


Happy Valentine's Day, Friends!  Check out these pink heart-shaped cake pops I made.   I followed Bakerella's cake ball/cake pop/cupcake pop fundamentals.  I actually was originally going to make the "Sweet Hearts" from Bakerella's Cake Pops book (conversation heart cake pops), but  halfway through I decided to take an alternate route.   I went with pink heart shaped cake pops.  I painted on a smaller heart with a little bit of corn syrup and dipped it in a hot pink sparkling sugar to get the double heart look.

From there, I couldn't make up my mind with all the fun new sprinkles that I got from Tia.   Sprinkle heaven.


I made some basic round cake pops and twirled them around in the mini red, white, and pink heart-shaped quins.


I rolled some cake pops in light pink and red sparkling sugar.  I tried my hand at a few valentine's day cupcake pops.


Oh, and the chocolate covered cake balls with drizzles of pink candy coating.


I guess I kind of went cake pop crazy.


It's like a bouquet of cake pops!


I tried to make these in a hurry, so I used a box of confetti cake mix left over from when Cole made me my birthday cake.  I understand why Bakerella uses the mix.  The consistency is pretty priceless.  Plus, I secretly love me some confetti cake.   Here's a glimpse of the inside of the cake pop.


Here's a glimpse of the man behind the bite.  And the lens.  (Hence why I'm in love with all these pictures.   I couldn't narrow it down any further.  I apologize for the cake pop picture overload.)


In other cute news, I got a few adorable hand-crafted Valentine's this year.  I love homemade Valentine's Day cards.  Here's one from MadieBaby.   Cole thought this one was "straight outta Billy Madison".  ( That's a compliment.)