A Fear the Beard Birthday Cake!

I got a special birthday cake request from Amanda, Alex's mom.  Alex is the [almost] 2-year old boy that I nanny/babysit in the Marina.  The cake was for Alex's dad, who turns 35 today!  If you and I have talked lately, I've probably mention Alex because I HEART him and quite often quote him.  Out of flattery, obviously, because he's adorable and hilarious. Since they are a Giants-lovin' household, and obviously fans of Brian Wilson, Amanda thought it would be fun to incorporate the beard somehow.  Amanda has had this picture on her fridge of Alex and his buddy (who I also watch sometimes, too!) with Brian Wilson taken last summer (I think).  Best part of the photo (which you can't see so well here, unfortunately) is that his Starbucks coffee cup says "Señor".


While I was on the 43 headed home, the perfect idea came to me and I did a quick sketch.  I would do "Fear the Year" and make a "35" in the same lettering as the SF logo.  Done.

Picnik collage

Here's how it came out!


Pretty sweet, huh?  The cake is a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  Kind of appropriate to have some orange inside that cake, too. I also made some bite size cupcakes for Alex.   It was also an opportunity to put on some orange sprinkles.

Picnik collage

Side Note:  Alex is a total foodie.  He loves to discuss, read about, and pretend cook "fooda" all the time.  We "roll-da-dough roll-da-dough" and make "puna jelly samiches" like it's our job.  Amanda wanted to decorate some cookies with Alex around Christmas time.  I had some extra icing so I just gave her some pre-made icing in kid-friendly decorating bottles.   They decorated the cookies together as a family and not surprisingly, Alex loved it.  Amanda even shared some pictures with me -- I think this one is my favorite:


The little man is serious about his dough.

Thanks Amanda for the order!  Such a fun one to make.  Enjoy the cake tonight and your family time together!  And....last but not least...

andre bday