These Are My Confessions and Social Media Icon Cookies

Blog Confessions:

  • I am SO behind in my blogging.  I have a ton of  things to share (baked but not  yet blogged) but I can't get myself to post any recent items until I've caught up on some of the older ones.  It's a bad system that I need to change.  I've been wanting to at least throw pictures up to keep things from getting more and more backed up, but I can't get myself to put photos up of these carefully crafted cakes and cookies without a little backstory.
  • I want to redesign my website.  I know how ridiculous that is because it's FINE for now and heck, I have enough on my to-do list... but I can easily get carried away in imagining what I want it to look like one day and what I want it to do... I'm just not as web design saavy in real life as my imaginary life?
  • (Yeah, that's right, I just confessed I'm a saavy web designer in my rockstar fantasy life.)
  • One thing I've really wanted to do is add custom social media icons my website.   I was first inspired when I saw this photographer's website -- with clickable links on the footer image (see below).  I wanted something like that for me.  But I didn't know how.  Or what.  It's one of those things I don't even know how to Google.  "Dear Google, how does it go like that on that lady's website???"

  • Eventually, I just decided to just bake my Social Media Icons.  Because that's what I do here.  And now I'm blogging them.  Because that's also what I'm supposed to do here.


  • Then I ate them.  Project complete.


Let's see instant replay....