S'mores Cupcakes

The Hubbard family (my first and favorite customers) asked me to make desserts for a big BBQ that they were hosting at their home with their friends from Jacob and Joseph's school.  Earlier this year at a Saint Philip's fundraiser that Jackie and J.R. invited us to, tickets to this Annual Hubbard BBQ were included in the silent bidding auction andman-o-man, did those sign up sheets fill out quickly!   I hear the Hubbard's throw quite a party, so I knew I had to deliver something good for these folks -- but I also knew it had to be bite-sized and someone casual for the BBQ style.  Again, J.R. and Jackie gave me complete creative license to make them "whatever I think is best".  How cool is that? I first whipped up a batch of my Mesquite Chocolate Chip Cookies with Candied Bacon, because they seemed perfectly appropriate.  Mmm.  Sweet, sweet bacon.

For the main sweet dish, I chose to make S'mores Cupcakes. I picked out Bakerella's recipe for s'mores cupcakes with the decadent ganache toping (that sold me).  Bakerella has gorgeous photos of what it looks like step by step.  I, however, made this humung-o batch late at night and didn't have adequate lighting (or time) to take pictures like hers.

I finished the cupcakes off slightly differently than Bakerella by piping on some marshmallow frosting and used a little blow torch to give them that toasty look and taste.  Also, I felt that it wouldn't say "s'mores" without a Hershey's square.

(It kind of reminds me of a little Hershey's Kiss flag the way it is sticking out of the marshmallow toping.)

But I couldn't have done it without these two staying up late and keeping me company! :)

I was so happy to hear from J.R. that everyone ate them all up!   Woo hoo!

PS- Anyone have a picture or two from the BBQ that they would like to share?  I'd love to add it to the post!