Cookie Favors for a Sprout Theme Baby Shower

I got an awesome baby shower cookie order from my sister-in-law's best friend, Jessica, one of my fellow bridesmaids, and quite possibly my dream client.  Why?  Well, let's just say the initial cookie request email came with an inspiration board.  Not just any inspiration board, people.  A conceptual 7-page PDF to create a mood, a feeling, and a focus for the sophisticated baby shower theme selected for her friend Laura.  The theme?  "Sprout".   What does that even mean, you ask?  Well, it means... fresh, clean, bright whites, and cheerful greens.   A modern, organic style that represents the mama.  Are you grasping it yet??  Oh, heck, let me just show you Jessica's Sprout inspiration: sprout inspiration board2c

SO inspiring, right?!  I was so ready to start sketching!  I'll skip the sketches because I'm too excited and want to just jump to the final product.  Are you ready?



So yeah, I made artichoke cookies and peapod cookies on popsicle sticks and arranged them in galvanized pails and decorated the popsicle sticks with chalkboard paper tags reading "Welcome Little Cooker!" (Cooker is the baby boy's last name).


The peas were definitely easier to do than the artichokes, hence the very clean look.


The artichokes were a little more challenging, but all together they have sort of a fun look.  It's kind of a playful twist on an artichoke.


Here's just the two vegetable cookie pops, side by side, without any wrapping.


Thanks, Jess, for thinking of me for this order and for giving me such a fun, inspiring project to work on!  Finally, here are a few pictures shared by Jess and my sis in law, Madie, from the day of the shower!  Obviously, this party planning committee knew what they were doing.  I love the presentation, moss, and flowers.  Looks so good all together!  Thanks for sharing these pics, girls!

Picnik collage