Sophie the Giraffe Baby Shower Cookies

When I got a request for giraffe cookies for a baby shower, an idea popped into my head.  I thought -- what about making a SOPHIE the Giraffe cookie.  If you are not familiar with Sophie, she's a natural (rubber) teething toy that started as a Parisian baby toy but has since become (what seems to me) like a baby registry staple in the US.  I was lucky that my cool customer was happy to let me run with it. Meet Sophie, the toy.


Obviously, I didn't have a Sophie cookie cutter.  In fact, I don't even know if anyone has done a Sophie the Giraffe cookie before.  (Sometimes, when I have an truly organic idea.... I don't even want to google it.  I like to just pretend I'm original, even though that's pretty hard to do nowadays with all the Pinterests and Bloggy Blogs out there.)  My giraffe cookie cutter wasn't really the right shape for this Sophie, so I sketched out what my Sophie cookie would look like.  (I sketch first so I can do something that I feel is "piping friendly" and something I could replicate (in this case, 2 dozen times).  Also, since I was shipping these little darlings, I had to design something that would be more shipping-friendly.  (That long skinny neck is a major danger zone for breakage.)

Here's what I sketched.

Giraffe Cookie Sketch

Here's the stencil that Cole made me, which I used as a "cookie cutter" by tracing around it with a knife.


And here is what the final Sophie Cookie came to be!

sophie cookie

We changed the tag for the final product (I sketched it before I even knew the gender, actually. )  Instead, I did one of my standard tags with the text "oh boy OH BOY!" at the request of the customer, which I love.  I used orange and green for the colors, also at the request of the customer.  Isn't that such a cute, fresh color combo for a baby boy's shower?


I shamelessly admit that I really liked the way this cookie came out.   It almost looked like real rubber!


I kinda started to like the stout Sophie even better.  Then again, I also have a thing for stout, big-eared French creatures....

Meet Georgia, the dog.  (Dressed up for Vale & Kristi's recent Polynesian-Pirate Birthday Party)


A Big Thanks to Cathy and Lindy for the order!!  Hope the shower was wonderful!

Sophie the Giraffe Cookie
  • Approx. 2-3/4" x 4-1/2"
  • Icing colors (ivory, burnt umber, peach)
  • Edible ink (black for eyes)

**Please note this product listing is for one (1) cookie. The minimum order quantity for each cookie design is 12 cookies. 

When placing your order, please be sure to enter "12" or greater in the order quantity box below. Thank you!

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