Easter Brunch: Sticky Sticky Buns & French Toast Casserole

I made some sticky buns and french toast casserole to bring to a lovely Easter Brunch at Mark & Vale's with Cole's whole fam.   Flour's Famous Sticky Sticky Buns (recipe can be found here). It started out as a rainy day but the sun came out for a backyard easter egg hunt for Oscar & Lucy.


Lucy got a lil' help from her friends.  ("Maym-mie" aka Madie.)


This is how Cool Guys "hunt eggs".  (It's much tougher when you reverse the two.)


Vale and Lucy lookin' pretty in their pretty pastel florals:


Pardon my "stupid tone" Vale, but I couldn't help myself...  It's just such a dreamy little girl shot.


Here is my attempt at Flour's Sticky Sticky Buns.  The sticky buns are covered in something that has officially and appropriately been named GOO.  It's ridiculously rich, sweet, and over the top gooey.  Hence the double sticky in the name of this breakfast pastry.


I also made French Toast Casserole with the eggs that Vale had blown out and dyed pretty colors for the table.


The French Toast Casserole recipe is one of my mom's go-to brunch recipes.  It's super easy.  Assemble it the night before, let it rest in the fridge overnight, then you just bake it the next morning.


The first cut is the deepest.... or somethin' like that.


All in all, a lovely Easter Brunch.  Bravo, team.