Preschool Graduation Picnic Cookies!

Maria asked me to make some decorated sugar cookies for Isabella's Wind in the Willows preschool graduation picnic.  She wanted a summery assortment...and maybe a couple of cute little graduation owls. Here's the assortment that I made.  Blue twirly lollipops, slices of watermelon, strawberry ice cream cones with hot fudge and heart shaped sprinkles, and daisies with a little bumble bee on top.



The itty bitty slices of watermelons were a last minute decision.  But I think they turned out pretty cute.


And the OWLS!  A boy and a girl owl.  I couldn't figure out what the boy equivalent was to a little flower on the girl owl.  I was going to go for a bow tie but I thought that was a little too formal for a picnic... so I  just kept him plain.


Congrats, Isabella, and....