Basketball Sugar Cookies and Experimenting with Fondant-Covered Cookies

I made some Basketball Sugar cookies for a special basketball skills class for Devin Jordan and his classmates at Sunset Recreation Center. Unfortunately, Devin Jordan & the gang had come down with a "class cold" so they couldn't make it to the event! Hopefully, these sugar cookies were able to brighten their day a bit. What is that saying? Starve a fever, sweeten a cold? I made sugar cookies (using an excellent recipe from Milk & Cookies) and cut them into 2 1/2" circles.  I flooded them with orange royal icing.  After the orange royal icing was dry, I piped on the black lines.  My black royal icing was slightly too thin so the slightest change in speed during piping would make a wonky line.  Oh, royal icing.  Sometimes you are a royal pain.



I made a few extra cookies covered with fondant basketballs.



My mom swears that fondant-covered cookies are easier than royal icing, not to mention all the new possibilites for creating texture and layers.   After I made a few of the basketball fondant-covered cookies, I just let the creative juices flow and worked with my leftover orange circles to makes these little cookies:


A set of four sweet things in fondant-cookie form:

  1. a Vanilla-Vanilla Cupcake with Confetti Sprinkles
  2. a piece of Candy
  3. an Ice Cream Cone with hot fudge and a cherry on top
  4. a French Bulldog named Georgia

sweet things fondant cookie set

Speaking of sweet things, Georgia has a new Labradoodle puppy BFF named "Tillie" (short for Matilda), who belongs to our neighbors Izzie & Lachlan.  We heart her.


For more unbearable cuteness, watch this video of the two of them trying to share a bed with a coincidental love song in the background.