Sweet Kiera Turns 1!

Well, not me... but my site.  Happy One Year Anniversary to us.  This day last year, I made Vanilla-Peppermint Cupcakes.  So young, so innocent.  This year, I'm thinking (if I'm not too full later tonight) I will make candy cane whoopie pies! So, Happy Thanksgiving!  Here's to growing (in more ways than one).  And here are a few things that are putting me in the spirit!

This little informal invitation I sent out to Cole's family for a little get together before the Holidays.


This sweet wrapping paper and holiday card collection from Snow & Graham.

"Indelicate Doilies" from Urban Outfitters. Sweet, sweet irony. For our inner grinch.

Jonathan Adler now makes Edible Giftables. The entire Marina just wet themselves with excitement. Ewww, gross-ah.

Picnik collage