Fluffy Coconut Cake


While I was in Boston with my sister and Brendan helping out with Baby April, my mom took the Amtrak to Boston for the weekend (all by herself!) to visit all her girls.  Go, Glam-ma.  Apparently, there was a memo sent out about wearing hot coral.  I missed it.

Seriously, even April read it.  But she was all, "Orange is the new pink.  Waaaaaawlw."


I made a coconut cake with a fluffy white frosting the night before.


I found the recipe in Saveur -- it was called an Ono Coconut Cake.  I covered it with some toasted coconut.


By morning time, it was nice and cold and a perfect snack (breafkast?) for when my mom arrived. FYI - If you eat it standing up, directly from the cake plate, it does not "count".  Because you haven't committed, you see.  Also, my sister Lauren's got jokes.


Hi-lar-ious jokes.