Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla + Orange Zest Frosting

I came across some mouth-watering cinnamon rolls when I was perusing the baking blogs and had to follow suit. I found them first in Bakerella, who got them from the Pioneer Woman.

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly.  The only thing I modified was the frosting.  I decided to experiment with a vanilla frosting with a little bit of orange zest.  Plus some extra zip from orange extract.  (I am building a serious collection of extracts.  I might be seen on HOARDERS at some point.)


I actually made these before I made the croissants, and would highly recommend this as a warm up for croissants.  You don't run a marathon without any training.  (Unless you're Derek Tate?)  You try a local 5K when you can and just have fun with it.

Ok, Fleischman's.  Let's dance.


Hello, Dough.  Nice to meet you.   You smell funny.


Dough, meet my friends Cinnamon and Butter.  Play nice.


I even gave them to my neighbors as the P Dubs recommends.  :)  The key was giving them UNBAKED on Saturday night so everyone could make them when they woke up on Sunday and eat them warm and gooey.


I put the frosting in a little recycled baby food jar.  My lovely neighbor Vale has been sharing Lucy's endless supply with me.   The possibilities are endless!  (I'm really digging them as a sprinkle holder since I buy sprinkles at a store that give you them in bags.)

That also gives you the option of drowning your buns in frosting in the pan.


Or, poured over each one individually, and perfectly, to taste.  (Ok, maybe still drowning.)


They are just so fun to pull apart and eat.  I also like minimum cinnamon (wow, that's hard to say) andI don't know if that's how the folks next door take their cinnamon buns, but that's what they got.  Let's just say I didn't get any complaints.


Don't my buns just look heavenly?


That's what all my neighbors say.  Oh, snap.