The Oreo Cakie or Les Oreos

I wanted to practice making this cookie so I would soon be able to send a batch to a very special engaged couple that quotes Oreos as "a staple in their relationship". Knowing the Oreo is holding such an important role, I did not want to try to do a literal replica and end up giving them what would seem like some kind of janky staple.  But maybe if I did it my own way, they will perhaps find themselves with a sterling silver paper clip.   You realize it's still the same thing you know and love, but something about it tells you that this particular time it's a little different.  Something about it is a little more special than usual, and you know you need to take more time to appreciate it.  This is also how your makeup and hair should be on your wedding day to your groom.

My idea was to create a delicate wafer made with a Ghirardelli cocoa powder. (I don't believe Nabisco uses the like quality of ingredients I do.)  I thought I'd fill them with a non-trans-fatty, but equally creamy, filling for a longer lasting love life.  Upon re-reading that sentence, I wish to clarify that I mean the love life will be longer lasting because of the lack of trans-fats and resulting healthier hearts.  NOT because of any kind of supplement promising side-effects of a longer lasting love life.   We cool?

Leave it to Cole to suggest another level of decadence -- Chocolate-Dipped Oreos. And yes, that MADE these cookies. I tempered a 99% cacao Scharfenberg chocolate, strong.

Learn from my Sweet Ignorance: Don't try to "soften" the pow with 2% milk like this Dinkis.   It will instantly turn from velvety goodness to solid chuckifiedness.

Take two, "soften" the cacao with some bittersweet chocolate chips. Not much though.  The cookies are super sweet, and this coating of rich chocolate really keep them humble, so to speak.

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Cole's post-taste assessment: It's like a cake AND a cookie. Thus, we've dubbed it the Oreo Cakie. Or Les Oreos, to ascertain their fancy nature and better-than-thou-ness.

Recipe Source, subjected to my modifications: Homemade Oreos