Le Tour de Pastry: Haute Pink Cakes

As a bonus destination in Le Tour de Pastry, Uncle John brought us to Haute Pink Cakes (San Diego, CA), a cute little family-owned bakery with a cheery bright pink and orange interior.

They have some cool custom cakes in their gallery and cute non-edible goodies in the store, like this cupcake bath bomb.  Which also comes with a free diamond ring?

The cupcake selection was bountiful, but ultimately we each had to choose one.

I chose the Snickerdoodle, which I can admit I selected purely for the presentation. They had me at 'Edible Sparkles'.

The buttercream holds in such a good solid shape, but when you bite into it, it's still soft and fluffy.  What's their secret?  I think a little bit-o-Crisco, but that's just a hunch.

Cole got the Oreo.  They had him at 'Oreo'.

UJ got the mini Coconut.  He wanted to feel like a giant.

I think Cole liked his cupcake.   Good pick, UJ!