Sweet Kiera Goes to Flour Bakery + Cafe (Boston, MA)

(I know the title of this blog post seems "a bit indulgent" but my dad thinks it's funny when people refer to themselves in the third person, so... Dad, that one is for you.) While I was in Boston visiting my sister, we made sure to stop at Flour Bakery + Cafe (the Fort Point location) for lunch.  I have the cookbook and always hear good things about it from my mom and sister, but this was my first time actually visiting the bakery and tasting the real thing.  I would have liked to order EVERYTHING, but there will be more visits in the future.  For this visit, we ordered a Sticky Bun, a Meringue Cloud with Chocolate, and a Chocolate Chip Macaroon.  We also got sandwiches and soup but I'm really more concerned with the dessert in this particular blogisphere.

Ok, let's go to the film...


I love the logo/signage.


There is so much to choose from and look at while you are standing in line, but the line kinda moves fast.  Luckily, I was with "regulars" so I wasn't such a terrible tourist.  (Aside from the camera, I guess.... eash!)


We were admiring the bakery art while we waited for our food.  I like the cookie cutter one on the right.


I love all the chalkboard menus around the bakery.  There is so much to look at, like this quote of the week.


Lauren and Brendan ordered Tomato Soup.


Lauren's baby got all warmed up from the soup.


"For me, dawg" -- I'd rather warm my tummy with a sticky bun.  Joanna Chang beat out Bobby Flay on the Throwdown so you know it's good.  She shared the recipe for the Sticky Buns with Food Network here.


It is phenomenal.  The brioche.  The pecans.  The gooey goodness.  Mmm, mmm, mmmhm.  Can't wait to make this one at home.


My mom picked the big ol' chocolate chip macaroon.  I thought it was pretty good, my mom thought it was a bit too sweet for her taste.


The meringue cloud was also huge.  The meringue cookie was perfecto.  No cracking on the outside.  Not dry or hollow in the center.  Not too chewy either.  Just perfect.


The bonus treat for me was seeing Joanne Chang (Pastry Chef/Owner/Author/Harvard Grad) actually there.  At first I thought she was checking the ovens...


Then I realized she was being photographed by someone....


The she realized I was also photographing her.


I  had to go for it... (Sorry, Joanne, if I surprised you.  I'm a big fan!   Heart you, byyeeee.)