Strawberry Shortcakes!

I recently rceived the ultimate call of duty -- to help my sister Lauren out for the month of May after just having her first baby!   Lauren and Brendan live in the North End of Boston and have a 3rd floor walk up condo.  I flew there 2 weeks after April was born (via c-section).  Lauren was recovering from her surgery and could use an extra set of hands (similar to hers) around the house, carrying the stroller up and down the stairs, etc.  I'm so glad I was able to go because I know Lauren & Brendan both really appreciated having the help AND I got to spend time so much time with my little niece!  Babies are not easy work, but we all had such a great time together.  And we finally get the phrase "it takes a village". One of the first nights there, Lauren and Brendan invited their wonderful friends Brianne, Jimmy, and Njoki over to give me a warm welcome to Boston.  Brendan made some darn good pizza for dinner and I whipped up some mini strawberry shortcakes (made with chiffon cake) for dessert.  Jimmy help me "plate" the desserts.  I think he nailed it.  Here are some photos, taken by Njoki.


I baked the chiffon cake in a rectangular pan, and then cut out circles with a biscuit cutter.  Everyone took home some cake scraps in zip lock baggies.


This photo is so artsy, Njoki!  This is why you're hot.


Speaking of Strawberry Shortcakes, how about some photos of April and the Gang?   Since this was the first dessert to kick start my Boston Visit, I'll show some photos from my first few days....

Lauren, Brendan and Baby April gettin' into some tummy time on the sheepskin. I wonder where April gets her long limbs from.


Brendan's mom, Karen, holds her Granddaughter while she sleeps oh so peacefully.  Baby April bares a striking resemblance to Baby Brendan.  Truly, I've seen the photos.  It's almost unbelievable.  I do think April is a bit more feminine, though.  And her eyes are very much Lauren's.


Here is a photo of Lauren and me on the left and Brendan strollin' with April on the right.  These were taken at SOWA Open Market (which cool, by the way) during my first weekend in Boston.

lauren kiera, brendan and baby april

And one of the most important things that I learned right off the bat was the Art of The Swaddle.  Lauren called it April-Gami. Watch and learn.


Ok, that's all for now!