School Bus Sugar Cookies and a Pizza Party with my favorite class!

My first visit to Sunset Elementary School was to deliver a toy truck birthday cake for a 5-year old boy named Devin Jordan.  I have since been invited back to the same classroom at Sunset Elementary School by Tia (Devin Jordan's mom) and Ms. Franco (Devin Jordan's teacher) to decorate cookies with the kids for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day. Tia threw a pizza party, with the support of Ms. Franco, at Haystack for the parents and children in the class.  Cole and I got the invite too.  I felt it was only appropriate to bring along some sugar cookies -- and decided these school bus sugar cookies would be perfect for this little parent-teacher-child get together.


Tia gave me the Anne Clark school bus cookie cutter a month or so ago, so I was excited to finally put it to use.


Here are some of the shots that Cole snapped at the Pizza Party of Ms. Franco, her students & their families, and all the balloons packed into the private room at Haystacks that Tia rented out!


pizza party - ms. franco's class