"Well, I got a present for you. And it's 10 times good."

I received the cutest voicemail ever yesterday from Oscar, my five year old next door neighbor and nephew-to-be.  He was calling to tell me that he got a present for me from TinyPrints, which turned out to be these adorable label stickers that say "Sweet Kiera" on them. I love the stickers but the voicemail that came with it is priceless.  Can't wait to play this for Oscar one day when he is in high school to remind him and/or his girlfriend how cute he used to be.

Listen to it here:Oscar - Voicemail

When I told Vale that I loved Oscar's voicemail, she said she had no clue what he said because he took the phone into the other room.  I swear it sounds like he's reading a script, but I asked Oscar and he says, "Nope, I just went for it".

And here is the special present for me that according to Oscar starts with a 'K' (or a 'C').  Aren't they CUTE?  Maybe that's what Oscar meant!


Thanks, Vale!  I heart them.