The Gourmet Experience

While we were in San Diego, Uncle John took us to The Gourmet Experience at the Del Mar Fairgounds.  It's an expo of both food, luxury, and lifestyle products and services.

Here were some of the highlights, from my perspective:

Chef Brian Malarkey (Searsucker), Season 3 Bravo "Top Chef" finalist and host of TLC's "Mega Bites" was doing some sort of cooking demo.   Cooking is not really my thing, but he is a Bravo star so I like him.   Say 'hi' to Andy for me.

Petit French Macaron (Chocolate) samples from Karolina Cacao.

I like the idea of this gift box on Valentine's Day rather than a box of chocolates.

Vonny had these really cute, colorful laminated canvas casserole carriers {with pockets for utensils} so you can show up lookin' stylish with your string bean casserole this year at your Thanksgiving Potluck.  This is their "Full-of-Pockets Famer's Market Tote" in Tangerine.   My personal favorite pattern is the Bohemian.

Bottlehood had these really cool recycled bottles made into tumblers and other glasses.  Loved the idea of this.

I was fascinated with this stand PubCakes -- a simple but genius idea for beer flavored cupcakes.  What a clever idea for catering corporate events or bachelor parties.  I love that they sell a "six pack" of cupcakes.

Here are a few examples:

Irish Carbomb Cupcake - Guiness, Irish Cream frosting, and chocolate whiskey ganache.  That just seems natural to me.  I think I'll replicate that one day.

Top Ten Cake - Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA, cayenne caramel, cherry, and ancho chillies.  Mo hotta, mo betta?

Beer for Breakfast - Alesmith Wee Heavy, bacon, and maple cream cheese frosting.  Mmmm, bacon.

Punkin' Vegan -- North Coast Brewery's Old Stock Ale, pumpkin, and maple toping.  Love the look of that frosting.

On the other side of the expo, UJ and Cole sampled some Tequila by Herradura.

I think they liked it, judging by those smiles.

I wonder what they are talking about.  Caption Contest!!

Cheers!   Thanks UJ for taking us!!  :)