Holiday Party and a Christmas Cake for Oscar

Feeling ambitious this Holiday season, I threw a party inviting Cole's family a couple of friends in my teeny, tiny apartment.  Being "Sweet" Kiera (not Savory Kiera), the menu for the party was Cake & Cocktails.  That's it and that's all.  Ok, I also served pigs in a blanket and some chips, out of fear of being the worst hostess ever. IMG_4898-e

Since my Christmas tree is about 1.5 feet tall, I decided to hang some extra christmas cheer from the ceiling.  I cut out paper ornaments, threw on some craft glitter, and used all different recycled christmas ribbons to hang them from the ceiling.  Lucy liked 'em.

christmas ornaments

I also dressed up Georgia in an impulse purchase from Walgreens.  Arguably the best $5 I spent this Holiday season.  (She might argue with that.)


Using a gift tag cookie cutter that Vale bought for me after we both fell in love with a picture from a Boden Catalog, I made gift tag cookies for everyone at the party.  I punched a hole through the cookie with a medium round pastry tip before baking so I could loop a ribbon through it.  I piped on the To: and From: letting with a fine pastry tip, but wrote on little random message using Food Markers.   I added on a few sprinkles (courtesy of Tia!) here and there to make the gift tags more festive.


There is a little back story behind the Christmas Cake that I made for Oscar, and revealed at our Holiday Party.  When I asked Oscar (back in November) what kinds of things were on his Christmas List this year, he replied, "For my Christmas Cake, I want it to be a Christmas Tree..."  I loved that.  So, I took it literally.  Full disclosure, Oscar did also request that Santa and an Elf be standing next to the Christmas Tree.   Unfortunately, I ran out of time.   Luckily for me, however, I don't think Oscar had much recollection of his Christmas Cake order that he put in several weeks earlier.


I hid the cake under a cardboard box and disguised it as a christmas present.  Funny thing about kids and presents.  They always love that box more than whatever is inside it.  I told Oscar that next year I was going to make him a cake that looked like a cardboard box.  He didn't get the joke.  No, but seriously...I think he liked the cake.  He definitely liked the idea of it being for him.

cake vs. box

The adults definitely liked the cake -- it was a chocolate cake with a marshmallow buttercream frosting, very much reminiscent of a Ho Ho....Ho.  (Get it?)


All around, it was a fun and nutritious night.  Just kidding on the latter part of that statement.    Here are some more of the party shots.  Be prepared to be amazed by how many people are fitting somewhat comfortably in my apartment.

holiday party fun




I love the Holidays!