Fondant Flag Bunting and Bakers' Twine Cake Decorations

I am not alone in my bakers twine obsession, I know.  And I admittedly hopped onto the bunting flag bandwagon back when I did Lucy's Candy Land Dessert Table. I had leftover chiffon cake batter, blackberries, pastry cream, and blackberry-carmel sauce from my Blackberry Cupcakes, so I made two petite cakes -- a 4" and 6" cake, torted, layered, wrapped them up and froze them.  I took them out a couple of days later, iced them with fresh whipped cream, and decided to decorate them with no particular celebration or theme in mind.   It was a cake celebrating cake decorating.

My creative instincts lead me to the forementioned bakers twine and bunting flags for one of the cakes.   Here is an outline of my creative process:

creative process

I covered the cake in a dreamy gray, a color that I really can't help but love.  I added a little swag of fondant bakers twine with pearl dragees as anchors along the edge of the cake.  The top of the cake needed something so I added a soft pink "rosette" with dragees as the center of the flower.  I was going with the type of paper or fabric crafted rose you might find on Etsy, rather than a realistic flower.  (**Tutorial on the Fondant Rosette can be found here.**)


The fondant bakers' twine was delicate to handle, but fairly easy to make.  I just quickly, but gently rolled a small strip of fondant back and forth with my fingers on a hard, flat surface until it was a thin and even string.  I first made a string of gray and then a string of the light pink.  I then placed them next to each other on the counter and rolled them together so they would twist up like a rope.


I rolled up some of the extra "bakers twine" into little wheels and placed them around the rosette so it wouldn't be so lonely up there all alone.


For the 4" cake, I whipped this one up (a bit sloppily) for a viewing of "The Bachelor" with Vale next door.  I successfully got her hooked to what some people might consider a crappy TV show.  Whatever.  Don't judge us.  And don't judge Womack.  He is really ready for love this time.  If he wasn't, why would I have eaten this Bachelor Cake of Love?