Decorating Valentine's Day Cookies with Kids

I made heart-shaped sugar cookies to bring into each of Tia's sons classes yesterday on Valentine's Day.   This was my second time decorating cookies with Devin Jordan's class and my third time meeting his class.  (The first time was for the Blue Truck Cake.) It was my first time visiting Darius Xavier's (the youngest boy) class.  The kids were so cute.


I like that they didn't hold back on the sprinkles, too.


And the boys at my table weren't afraid to use too much pink.


I also made these "heart 'n hand" cookies (using these Anne Clark cookie cutters that Tia gave me) for the parents and teachers.


The one pictured here is actually a fondant covered sugar cookie.  The ones I made for the teachers and parents were covered with red royal icing, but you get the idea.


I mentioned in my V-day Cake Pops post yesterday t that I love handmade Valentines.  Here is one I got from one of the students in Devin Jordan's class.  I don't know if you can read it, but it does say "Sweet Kiera" on there.  How cute is that?   It's going to stay on my fridge for a while.


I might as well show you one more.  This is from Cole's nephew, Oscar.   Holy cuteness.


I had a good time yesterday.  When I got home from the class, I made Cole a little Valentine's Day cake.  He asked if we should photograph it before we ate it and I said that no, it's just for you not for the blog.  (He never hears that...)

Here's just glimpse of a slice of the V-day cake that we're still eating tonight.   I could show you the rest, but then I'd have to marry you.