St. Patrick's Day Cookies

I decorated cookies with Devin Jordan's class for St. Patrick's Day this year.  There were only a few kids in the class (with a bunch of other kids home sick) but we still had a good time as usual! I have been to Devin Jordan's class a couple of times now and I just love walking through the halls of this adorable school in the Sunset.   It' just so cheerful.  I love the artwork hanging on the walls and the murals.  It's just a really happy little school.


Ms. Franco would have been my favorite teacher if I was in her class.  Because the learning tastes like sugar.

st pattys

Fun for the teachers too!


A little leprechaun (Devin Jordan's mom, Tia) gave me a ba-jillion sprinkles and clover cookie cutters.  I was/am still in sprinkle heaven.  Here is my St. Patty's Day sprinkle collection:


I did some quickie butter cookies for Oscar and Lucy too. Nothin' fancy. Just festive.


Here's a cuter picture taken by Vale:



What else did I make for St. Patrick's Day?  Oh yea...  Gilhooly Irish Soda Bread.  I enjoyed a nice slice all by myself after some serious Spring Cleaning.  I like mine toasted with green butter (tradition) along with a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea with steamed milk (why not?).

green breakfast

Green cup and saucer courtesy of my lovely neighbor who just moved to Utah.  We miss you, Marie, but are excited for your new adventure!