Bachelorette Party


I had an amazing bachelorette weekend.  My mom and sister came in from NY and Boston.  My girlfriends Maggie and Whitney came from NY. Cole's mom and sisters helped host my visiting family and friends and planned a fun-filled weekend.  My SF cousin Renee even came out one night!  I had the best time.  Cole was in Vegas for his Bachelor weekend so it was a truly an all girls weekend.  I had so much fun and will never ever never forget it!

My mom surprised me and shipped up cookies for one night where the girls threw a little lingerie shower for me.  They were appropriately decorated.  The most amazing part of these cookies - aside from the adorable details and unique touches on each and every cookie -- is that my mom decorated these with ONE HAND since she had stitches in the other.  She's seriously a super woman.  It's not even normal what she is capable of.  The other amazing part was how darn good they tasted.  I ate about 30.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

I also made a little Bachelorette Weekend Cake for the first night where we all got our Makeup done at Benefit Cosmetics at their Chestnut Boutique in San Francisco.

Picnik collage

The intention was to mimic the Benefit logo on the cake.

Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 1.02.16 AM

Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 1.02.16 AM

It came out a little wonky because I actually made a little "typo" as I was painting the cake... and wrote "bacheforette".  I was able to fix it up a bit with a cake decorating secret!


I had all the girls sign the sides of the cake to make it official memorabilia.  We brought it Benefit with the intention of eating it there...

Picnik collage

...but we ended up taking it to Horseshoe Tavern with us and cut & served it up right at the bar.  Much more fun, clearly!


Love you gals!  Best weekend everrrr!