Mom, What DON'T You Do?

This is a tribute to my mom, who apparently has become a casual cake boss over the past year or so.  It started with offering to make "a special dessert" for a co-workers baby shower.  A few youtube videos later, and a slew of birthdays, bridal shower and wedding showers (when you work at a K-1 school....there are a lot of these), she has produced some of the most AMAZING cakes I have ever seen (or eaten).  She literally has boundless talent and she makes these cakes in her "free time" out of the goodness of her heart.  But her cakes do not die in vain.  Everyone absolutely loves them.  And they love her. It's like she's Saint Fondant on Earth.  Mother Fondant, if you will.

2009 Cakes085

2009 Cakes085

  1. Baby Shower I: Not Too Shabby

  2. Baby Shower II: The Tipping Point

  3. Birthday: Carvel Who?

  4. Baby Shower III: Child's Play

  5. Baby Shower IV: Ok, seriously...What are they putting in the water at this school?

  6. Birthday II: Cougars and Cars. Best wife ever?

  7. Bridal Shower: Say Yum to the Dress

  8. Christmas: Because she doesn't make enough cookies...

  9. Wedding: Fondant Replica of Oheka Castle? Ok, Seriously. Who ARE you?!?!

My HERO.  That's who.  Love you mom.