Pretend Party Post: Mr. Potato Head

So, new blog feature. On Fridays I'm going to pretend we're having a party. No budg. Who cares, we're rich. Not that we're gonna like go bananas and have a weird extreme kid birthday party with belly dancers or anything. We're not desperate. We're just not afraid to get some sweet vintage trays off Etsy for our dessert table that we have tons of storage space for or craft amazing things out of felt in our butt loads of free time. Let's just brainstorm it out. Our pretend person we imaginary love deserves this party. So we're going to give them the best damn fake party they never asked for. Today, we're hostin' a Mr. Potato Head Party. And it's gonna be off the chainnn, y'all.

We're gonna get Mr. Potato Head Sugar Cookies on our dessert table for all the party peeps to enjoy and (Bonus Points!) the kids can play with them too. We could try to do them ourself but why not just order them from Oh Sugar Events? She nailed it!

We also are going to make Mr. Potato Head Cake Pops, thanks to Bakerella's tutorial.

We also thought a cute party favor would be these Mr. Potato Head felt dolls. So we'll give them to everyone! You're welcome!

We'll have a cute a little party activity station where all the kids get to decorate their own Mr. Potato Head cupcakes, a genius idea from guest blogger Amy Workman on HowDoesShe. The most creative cupcake (group vote) will win this sick vintage Mr. Potato Head lunchbox. Good job! Now you're even more awesome!

The Best Part! We'll set up a little photo booth for the kids, similar to this one from the Toy Story Party over at Let's Explore!. We will have little wax candy mustaches or a mustache on a stick and red lollipop lips as props. We'll obviously make a really cute display. I think labels will be appropriate all over this party, to identify all the cute things. Kraft paper labels, for sure. We'll have to make some headbands with big fake pink ears on them, plus one with a black hat and a green hat on top. Oh and we'll want some fake dark rim glasses.

This party was so fun! I am going to go not clean up after it.

Reminder: None of these things actually happened or will happen. This party only happened in our minds. Trippy, right?