Chocolate, Chocolate, COFFEE!

This cookie was like a game of duck-duck-goose, but with chocolate-chocolate and, yes, coffee.  In the form of espresso beans.  Covered with chocolate. What a strange and interesting ingredient, you might be thinking.  Where did you get it? Ok, before I get into this any further.... I'll assume you haven't seen Little Shop of Horrors one-million times like me and my sister, Lauren, have.  You should see it.  But in consideration of time, you can watch this particular scene which I am about to reference:


Well, you remember that really rainy, miserable day a few weeks ago?  (Da doo)

I was walking through the financial district to work that day (Shoop da doo)

And I passed by this place where this middle aged chinese man (Chang da doo)

He sometimes sells me sweet and sour candy (Yum da doo)

Cuz he knows, you see, that sugary treats are my weakness (Da-da-da-da-da-da do)

But he didn't have any white chocolate covered gummy bears that day (Nope, da doo)

So I was just about to, you know, walk on by (Good for you)

When sudenly (Da doo) and without warning, there was this...

Total Appearance of Sun!

It got very bright, and there was this strange humming something from another world.

(Da doo)

And when the clouds came back, this weird candy was just sitting there. (Whoopsi doo)

You know, stuck in among the raisinetes.  (Not yet brewed)

I coulda sworn it hadn't been there before,

but the middle-aged chinese man sold it to me anyway...

For a dolla-ninety five a pound. 


The end.

Long story short...I think these were good, but not the greatest.  I think they needed more of the strange and interesting ingredient: Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans.  I am going to have to try this again and modify the recipe a bit.  When I get it just right, I'll share the recipe.