Brobee Cake for Alex's 2nd Birthday

The other lil guy I nanny for Alex turned 2 today!  I sadly couldn't make it to his birthday party because Cole and I had church stuff most of the day.  (Cole is doing RCIA to become a ...drumroll, please... confirmed catholic!  I'm his sponsor.  You know, the usual.) HOWEVER, I did have the honor of making his birthday cake!  I was so excited to make his favorite Yo Gabba Gabba dude -- BROBEE, obviously -- into a fondant creation.  I also made some cookies too, as a little extra party favor.  We didn't make it in time to see Alex before his nap but I get to see him tomorrow and see pictures!  Amanda said said the cake and cookies were a hit, though, which makes me happy!  Here's my Brobee Cake and DJ's Lance's Boom Box Cookies:


Happy Birthday, Alex!  You are AWESOMEEEEE!

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