A Napa Bridal Shower Cookie Favor

For these recent bridal shower cookie favors, I revamped my "Bonne Amie" inspired bridal shower cookies with the bride Candi's color scheme -- shades of pink and purple.  The shower was in Napa so I tried to pick up vino like shades of pink and purple (rosé pinks and burgundy purples) and I used a french grey (almost khaki-like) as another neutral color to tie it all together.  I wanted the whole set to be fresh and fun as well as natural and sophisticated.   I liked being able to recolor a previous cookie set with a different color scheme, with some minor design tweaks.

I was also excited to use a new color that I've added to my paper tags -- "Sandstone".  Cole designed, printed, cut, scored, and folded the tags.   PS - He always does this for me.  I don't think I emphasize that enough here.  How much Cole does.  He says "no, you designed the tags" but really I just explain the look or idea of what I am going for (sometimes very vaguely, sometimes with a sketch) and he makes it a [better] reality.  It's kind of amazing actually, how he helps me execute ideas in my head with actual plans and vectors and mastery exacto knife skills.

Did I mention he takes all these great photos too?   I'm very lucky.  I think I owe him a vat of chocolate chip cookie dough.