New York Skyline Cookies for a NY Wedding

I made these NYC Skyline cookies in black and light ivory with the couple's wedding date. The couple had a "classic NY wedding" with and black and white color scheme. I got the order after the couple attended a rehearsal dinner where they received these cookies as favors. It turns out the groom, Jordan, and my husband Cole actually know each other from playing baseball together in Hawaii one summer (7 years ago!). What a small world! Anyway, I was thrilled to get the order -- especially after finding out the Jordan & Cole connection -- and was so excited to design a cookie and tag for Christen & Jordan's special wedding weekend in The City. :)


PS - It seems I'm forever "behind" on blog posts lately -- but I'm usually posting little sneak peak photos on instagram. This one was from the night I finished decorating cookies.

It's not always cookies and cake photos, there's other bits of my life in there, but if you're on Instagram too, let's be amigos. I'm way more into Instagram than Facebook or Twitter. As I heard recently in a commercial for a sitcom "Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read". :)