One Small Cupcake for Kid, One Giant Leap for Sweet Kiera

I am very happy and lucky to report that I recently got the opportunity to Bake For Hire for Jacob, a kid that Cole gives baseball lessons to.   His parents, who are awesome, asked me to make not one but TWO sets of treats for him.  One was for the classroom and one for a baseball game with a mix of kids and parents.  I was pretty much given complete freedom to make whatever I thought was best -- the only request was that the  classroom treat should be something the teachers don't have to cut up.  I knew Jacob was not a big fan of frosting, but I also knew he really liked the marshmallow frosting I used on these guys. So, for the first birthday treat, I just changed the presentation of those brownie cupcakes and marshmallow frosting to make it interesting.  I also traded in the spun sugar for some blue fine sugar crystal.  The combination of those sprinkles with the marshmallow frosting almost reminded me of Peeps!


For the second fiesta, I had a hunch that if he liked the marshmallow frosting, he would probably like marshmallow fondant.  So I made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and I clearly had to turn this into a baseball.  I did use some frosting between the cupcakes and the fondant as a "glue" but I disguised it quite nicely with a sleeve or two of finely crushed Oreos, butter and some home made Oreo filling.  It was more ice cream than frosting.


This was a really fun project for me.  Happy Birthday, Jacob, and huge thanks to Jackie and JR!  :)

Oh, Cole and I also made Oscar a personal mini-baseball cake with some of the leftover batter and fondant.  He almost fainted.