Lavender + Tupelo Honey Ice Cream

I decided to put my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker to good use on a warm summer day by making a gourmet homemade ice cream.  The flavor combination that first came to my highly sophisticated mind and taste buds was Lavender + Honey.  (Actually, the first thing that came to me was candy corn + gummy bears, but that simply wouldn't translate in the frozen realm.) I found the recipe I wanted to use from David Lebovitz's book, the Perfect Scoop, which I don't yet own but was lucky to find it blogged by DanaTreat.   I confess I was envious of Dana's lovely garden full of fresh lavender.  To ease the painful envy, I ordered some French Lavender from Williams-Sonoma, and further sweetened the deal by adding some Tupelo Honey to my cart.

I shared the ice cream with Cole's sisters, Vale and Madie, in icy champagne glasses.  The flavors themselves seemed sophisticated, so I had to treat them as such.  I drizzled some honey on the inside of the glass, topped it with a lemon pizzelle cookie and a sprinkle of lavender.

The sweet, creamy herbal-fusion was actually extremely refreshing.  It almost tasted like a palate cleanser.  Even Cole, who was hesitant at first to try the ice cream because of the tea-like aroma, genuinely enjoyed it!

Ok, I'm done being classy.   Where are my gummy bears?

Speaking of declasse... I bought Georgia this really pretty dog bed from Bluebood.

But do you know what she chose to sleep on?  No?  Well, let me show you.

That's "Meatball" -- my stuffed bulldog from Ikea.   Clean it up, Georgia.

In her defense, though, she only was trying to be closer to me in the kitchen.