When Life Gives You M&M'S, Make Cookies

Since I happened to have a huge bag of M&M'S and an eager helper by my side to hand pick out the Reds and Greens (and a few Yellows  for Christmas lights?).... I decided to make some festive, simple but delicious M&M cookies. The foundation of the cookie was sourced from one of my all time favorite recipes for a chewy chocolate chip cookie, gratis Alton Brown.  The only modification was replacing the 2 cups of chocolate chip cookies with 1 1/2 cups of M&Ms and a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips.

When I asked Oscar (the eager helper by my side, referred to above) if he felt like helping me pick out the Red & Green M&Ms from the bag, he stated in a way that was both obvious but kindly assuring, "Of course!  I'm a kid."

Despite being an adorably funny response, it also was a lovely reminder of the sweet mindset of a kid --  where the simplest things in life can be enjoyed to the max.   It's all how you *treat* it.