Le Tour de Pastry: Big Sur Bakery & Restaurant

The first bakery detour for us on the road trip from San Francisco to San Diego (aka the SemiTour de Pastry) was Big Sur Bakery & Restaurant (Big Sur, CA).

I love their colorful signage.

We happened to arrive between the hours of lunch and dinner (between 2:30pm and 5:30pm) so we couldn't order from the full menu.  The bakery was open though.  Thank goodness.

I surprisingly didn't pick out a pastry, although I really wish I had tried the doughnuts.

We did pick out some open-faced sandwiches made with handmade wood fired bread.  I got the Veggie and Cole had the bacon and Gruyere cheese with a bechamel sauce.  BAM!  Look how BRIGHT those tomatoes are.

We were warned not to leave our food unattended or the birds would take it.  That made Cole mad.  He hates Blue Jays.

I was surprised that they didn't even heat up the sandwiches for us, but it turns out it didn't even matter because they tasted fresh & deee-lish!

I was very tempted to buy the cookbook, which was beautiful.  I really just wanted to checkout that doughnut recipe and couldn't justify buying the whole book for that alone.