Tour de Pastry: Enjoy Cupcakes

On the trip back from San Diego to San Francisco, our 2nd attempt at Le Tour de Pastry, we made a stop at Enjoy Cupcakes (Los Olivos, CA) in the Sarloos & Sons tasting house.

We found out upon arrival that Enjoy was closed, but I was truthfully still so excited to get to see the cupcake trailer in person and peek around the adorable shop inside Sarloos & Sons, which luckily was still open.

Have you ever seen such a chic cake/cupcake shop?  I think not.

I love the style and brand of this family-owned business.  A bit retro and old-fashioned, but fresh and lively.

And they aren't trying too hard in a way that screams "I'm on the cupcake band-wagon" -- they have their own unique flare and you can tell that all the creative effort and passion that goes into the natural flavors, ingredients, and overall style.

I want one of these so bad:

I bet it was fun to fancy this trailer truck up.

I would love to have this cupcake truck at my wedding. Do you think it could make it cross-country?


When I look at it, I see it through this lens:

Los Olivos was HOT so we got some soda pop, played with Georgia in the shade, and made the most of our little rest stop.  I would love to go back there sometime and get a taste of those cupcakes and check out the rest of the town.