Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

I generally love all things Bakerella, but I fell hard for these ice cream cone cake pops.  The creative trickery of the cake-ball-in-ice-cream-clothing is just so sweet.   It's not like the semi-cruel (yet funny) trickery of those TV dinner cupcakes from the book 'Hello, Cupcake!'

Despite my last cupcake pop drama, I was still compelled to take a shot at this particular cake pop.  One of my down falls from the last attempt was the consistency of my cake and frosting.  I used such RICH, non-dry cake recipe that the cake pops were too heavy for the stick and the frosting just didn't hold them together very well.

I was incredibly tempted to follow Bakerella's advice on using a box cake mix and ready-made frosting for the cake pops because of how much she swears on the dependable consistency.  I stood in front of the Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker items in the grocery store for about 15 minutes.  I just couldn't do it.  It's not that I have anything against a good ol' box-o-cake or tub-o-frosting.  It's just that... I feel like I'm cheating.

Luckily, Bakerella provides some great recipes for Yellow Cake and Vanilla Frosting in her new book, Cake Pops, that are perfect for forming cake balls.

The cake was by no means dry, but crumbled by hand perfectly.

I was really excited about how much the frosting actually tasted like the ready-made stuff.   Clearly, I was working in the "night kitchen" at the time of this photo.

The next day I assembled the final product.  Ta-Da!

This is my favorite mistake.

They were the perfect little snack to bring to a SF Giants game too.  It doesn't even melt!