Hey, how 'bout Donut Pops?

Do you ever see something awesomely creative and cool and you think -- MAN, I wish I thought of that!! Then you get on your "pony" (as Vale or Kristie would say) and you start thinking "I could have thought of that!  I can think of something else... like that!  Then that could be MY thing.  I'll be instantly famous and rich beyond my wildest dreams!!!" Well, I have been thinking about Cake Pops lately.  And while I was making doughnuts (or DONUTS if you grew up with Dunkin' like myself) the other day, I was certain that I had a million dollar idea.    Watch the magic happen...


::insert idiosyncratic wipe/Wayne's World dream transition here::

Wait, wait...  hold the phone.  Did that just happen?  I don't know, I blacked out.  Let's see that in instant reply.

Camera One:

Camera One and a 1/2....

Camera TWOOOOOOOO (Oprah voice):

What do ya think?  Am I on to something here??

Side note: I used candy melts on these doughnuts, thinking it would be "close enough" to the chocolate glaze.   Welllll, nah-so-much.  The chocolate candy coating didn't seep into the dough and make it extra sweet and sticky.  Plus, the dough just came out heavier than my past couple batches.  I smell a do over.